TSE – Superior Solutions for today’s Security & Intelligence threats.

TSE is a  multijurisdictional regional  agency providing  public safety, policing, protective, and security solutions; civil and criminal investigative services; court and judicial services; and other related specialty services. We implement and administer these services in partnership with business, corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Founded in 2009, TSE is a pioneer in the development and deployment of innovative and effective solutions involving diminished quality of life, high risk, and escalated environments. TSE has in excess of 100,000 square miles of available jurisdiction, and we maintain several districts throughout the mid-Atlantic region; providing state wide services, as well as servicing several Tri-State regions. TSE is a unique agency in our operational capabilities, personnel, and more. There are only five other agencies similar to TSE throughout the contiguous United States.

We deliver reliable and proven solutions via our trained and certified officers, ensuring total protection of life and property. We maintain deep knowledge, capabilities, and strong service performance as both a prime and sub contractor to various entities.

Providing efficient and reliable service for subpoenas, summonses, evictions, and civil action processes; we can leverage our investigative capabilities as needed to locate subjects and gather additional information. We provide standard and priority service.

Solutions for those facing hostile workplace situations and terminations, mass transit organizations, alarm response, response to emergency and routine calls for service, and community oriented policing solutions for housing and apartment communities.

We provide services to all Homeland Security designated critical infrastructure sectors, as well as controlled and regulated high risk industries requiring specialized services. We also provide additional and enhanced sector specific solutions to these partners.

We utilize a variety of physical, electronic, and proprietary processes; allowing cases to be thoroughly and professionally investigated. Via our advanced capabilities we provide solutions for civil, criminal, death, digital, extortion, missing person cases, and more.

We understand the evolving and complex challenges facing high level executives, government officials, and other principals requiring 

protective service. We meet and exceed the needs and challenges facing these individuals, as well as the needs of their families.

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Who partners with TSE

TSE officer provides safety and security in an up-scale community.


To provide an All-Hazards approach; delivering solutions to mitigate loss of life and property, enrich the lives of those we protect, and maintain our commitment to our partners and communities.

Two TSE officers working security detail.


To continue our growth as an industry leader, as well as our continued development of solutions which deliver unmatched results and mission critical services to those who depend on TSE.

TSE officer receives a security excellence award in Huntington, WV.


We maintain the highest quality and integrity for stakeholders, partners, and communities through our expert practitioners, superior management, operational responsibility, and quality improvement.

All-Hazards solutions to complex challenges, high risk threats, and more.