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TSE is a West Virginia – based agency that provides a wide range of protection and security solutions, and investigative services for businesses, corporations, governments, and nonprofit organizations throughout the Mid Atlantic region – including Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Founded in 2009, TSE has proven itself as an industry leader in the development and deployment of innovative and effective solutions for security and intelligence-related problems, especially those involving high threat and escalated environments.

Since September 11th, 2001, security, protection, and public safety has transformed from a luxury to a necessity. TSE answers the call by providing our clients with the services they require. It’s no longer the job of, nor is it possible for local or state police departments to protect citizens, businesses and other entities against every emergency situation or security breach that occurs. They provide a reactive service, generally arriving after the catastrophe or other damage is already done. It is impossible for a police officer from your area department to be where you are when something happens.


TSE had its humble beginnings in 2009, following over two years of conceptualization and planning. There was much research conducted, studying the strengths and weaknesses of both local and national security firms.

In the beginning, TSE set out to differentiate itself; offering only the highest quality security and protective services for clients who were tired of spending their budget on services that failed to provide real and lasting crime reduction. Many of our original clients had tried everything: major name security companies, off duty police officers, and small local security firms. We learned nearly every  security firm focused on quantity over quality, seeking to maximize their profits at the demise of the client. We took the opposite approach, focusing on maximum quality and professionalism.

As a result of our client oriented approach – putting quality over all else, we were quickly regarded for our proactive service; and for doing more than simple “observe and report” – the industry standard adopted by nearly all companies.

Since then, we’ve been providing far more than “just security,”  we provide solutions that are assets to clients and the community. We established our own level of standards, which focuses on professionalism, results, and satisfaction. This is part of what distinguishes TSE from other security firms – who advertise their professionalism, but never deliver. We place focus on what a client needs, and how we can solve their problems. We don’t make empty promises, nor do we focus on mass quantity – another distinguishing quality of TSE.

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    All personnel are trained beyond basic first aid. Training includes advanced first aid, CPR, AED, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Personnel are also issued emergency medical kits, which in addition to kits located at the client location; allow personnel to treat a wide range of life threatening injuries and conditions.

  • FIRE

    All personnel are trained in firefighting, which enable a professional to fight incipient fires which occur. Many personnel are also trained extensively in evacuation coordination - allowing our professionals to have pre-planned effective evacuation techniques.


    All personnel are trained in a variety of hazardous materials; to include identification, response, containment, and more. This allows our professionals to handle suspected and actual instances of hazardous materials incidents, as well as bomb threats and suspected explosive incidents.


    Personnel are highly trained and experienced in law enforcement operations, far beyond the capabilities of common "security guards;" creating an effective system where trained professionals enforce laws, rules, and regulations - and provide the services most "other" security companies won't.


    By utilizing the best professionals, equipment, and practices - we deliver real, measurable results for our clients. Many other "security companies" will make wild and unattainable claims, yet underperform, and don't deliver the results the client expects and deserves.


Many of our clients come to us after poor experiences with the “big name security companies,” and other small security companies. One of the biggest pitfalls we discovered while onboardng new clients was the “other companies” way of doing things – the industry standard of ‘Observe and Report.’ There are a number of reasons this is a generally poor practice, and a practice that results in billions of dollars wasted on “security” every year.

Group of terrible awful security guards from g4s securitas and us security associates

Simply put: “observe and report” services are when a contracted security provider has enacted policies and procedures that guards follow; that state guards shall ONLY observe conditions and report any activity to 911. Nothing more shall be done by their security guards. Most security companies will lead their prospective clients to believe this is the only safe practice, and it’s the industry standard. They are telling entities that turn to them for help this, and it’s totally false – its spreading misinformation that makes them more money. It’s a practice that endangers every single person involved, opens clients up for huge liabilities including “failure to provide adequate safety and security.” This is a huge part of the problem with security services and expectations. Why would an entity want to allocate funds to pay a company, who in turn sends a person whose poorly dressed and underpaid, to watch for problems – only to call 911 when something happens! Employees and visitors can and will do that anyway when something happens.

Another large piece of misinformation that is spread, is the myths and lies surrounding armed officers. Certain security companies will spread myths that “armed security increases liability because the security officer might act irresponsibly and shoot someone,” or that “you don’t need to have armed security – local police can be called when a crime occurs and they will come and handle the problem.” That said, there are quite a few “security guards” that have absolutely no business carrying a weapon. It is also true that no entity would EVER want an untrained, unexperienced, indifferent security guard with a weapon providing their services. However, having an agency who operates as a private police force, employing only well trained, qualified, and experienced criminal justice professionals; siginifcantly reduces liabilities across the board – and drastically improves the safety of everyone. The myths and lies are just that; myths and lies.


Clients who choose TSE receive the benefits of a trained and qualified professional on-site do so for one reason: they understand the violent and dangerous reality of the world we live in. Clients who understand and see past all the misinformation the “big security companies” and the “media” spread, and commit to protecting themselves, their employees, visitors, guests, and the public against dangerous and deadly threats. TSE personnel understand and commit to providing a professional “customer service” oriented presence. However, TSE personnel differ greatly from the typical unarmed security guards – as TSE officers and agents have the training, tools, and professionalism to save lives, can stop and neutralize active shooters, armed and disgruntled employees, domestic-related matters where a party shows up – armed with the intent to harm and kill, an estranged spouse of an employee who shows up at the workplace with the intent to harm or kill, and the armed criminals who commit violent acts of opportunity.

The reality is there is always a natural delay that occurs between a call being placed and their arrival to the incident location. They simply can’t be everywhere at once – there is no tax that could ever be imposed that would support this. Criminal and dynamic events occur and unfold in seconds, and are usually over in less than two minutes. Leaders and decision makers of entities must acknowledge the reality that services and protections must be in place before an incident occurs. We provide our clients the best fighting chance they have should the worst happen, and the fact remains that a criminal will quickly “size up” guards and officers – determining if they’re the “real deal.” Our presence alone will deter most incidents from occurring in the first place. Criminals know who we are, and they know we are a force to be respected; and we pose the highest risk to them. Criminals are highly adverse to committing serious and violent crimes where there is a formidable force of great opposition. They will choose less secure locations to commit their acts, usually with minimal security measures, and unarmed guards.

Although a common and benign thought most have – simply calling 911 for the police to respond when something horrific happens or is about to happen simply does not work. It is naïve and deadly to believe that local police will be physically capable of arriving in time to change the outcome of a violent crime or active shooter. In most cases across the U.S., local police are sent by first dialing 911. You call 911 and tell the dispatcher where and what the problem is. The dispatcher types this information into their system, and they then “route” the call to the appropriate dispatcher for your location. That dispatcher then notifies the appropriate sector officers and supervisors of the call, and dispatches them – if they are available. If not, they dispatch the next closest officers. Once dispatched, the responding officers respond as fast as possible, arriving within 6 to ten minutes based on nation-wide averages as recorded by the Department of Justice. TSE does not question the function, commitment nor the courage of our municipal police counterparts.

Image Credit: nashccnews.com

Image Credit: nashccnews.com

Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman (US Army, Ret.,)  a West Point Professor of Psychology, Pulitzer Prize nominated author, and world expert on human aggression, violence and active shooters; interviewed with PoliceOne.com in 2010 – “Active Shooters in Schools: The Enemy is Denial.” In the interview Grossman says  “Never call an unarmed man ‘security’… Call him ‘run like hell when the man with the gun shows up’ but never call an unarmed man security.” This underscores Grossman understanding that should an incident occur without sufficient protection in place prior to the incident; the chances of local police arriving in time to change the outcome is almost impossible.

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