Charleston WV

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Charleston, WV Service Area

District Information

Lee Street East

Charleston, WV 25301

1-304-945-0244 Open 24/7

TSE Officers Patrolling State Park

District Workload

Protective & Security Services0%
Judicial & Court Related Services0%
Executive & Special Services0%
Homeland Security Services0%
Investigative Services0%

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Protective & Security Services

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Judicial & Court Services

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Executive & Special Services

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Homeland Security Services

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About the Charleston Service Area

Our Charleston WV Service Area, situated at heart of West Virginia provides additional services in support of our Barboursville, WV District throughout the South Central region of the state. The personnel that service this area are definition of qualified professionals, delivering services to a wide array of clients and partners; far exceeding the simple security guards and questionable self-claimed ‘professionals’ that entities and businesses have been burdened by for so long. Our risk free, unheard of guarantee will ease any reservations you may have about our services.

Allow TSE experts to handle your service needs today.