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Philadelphia, PA

District Information

325 Chestnut Street

Suite 800, PMB 303495

Philadelphia, PA 19106

1-215-613-4113 Open 24/7

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District Workload

Protective & Security Services0%
Judicial & Court Related Services0%
Executive & Special Services0%
Homeland Security Services0%
Investigative Services0%

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Protective & Security Services

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Judicial & Court Services

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About the Philadelphia Service Area

Serving the Philadelphia Metro area, TSE supports clients and partners throughout the largest metro area in the commonwealth.  The personnel that service this area are by far the most qualified officers in the industry; and deliver reliable, proven, professional services to our partners and clients who demand the best. We look to set ourselves apart from the oversaturated market in the area, and allow our clients to worry less, and focus more on their operations. Don’t fall into the traps that the dozens of other “security companies” create; choose TSE for quality, worry-free, and proven solutions. Our unmatched no risk guarantee will ease any reservations you may have.

Allow TSE experts to handle your service needs today.