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North Fifth Street

Reading, PA 19601

1-484-334-8206 Open 24/7

Two TSE officers working security detail.

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Protective & Security Services0%
Judicial & Court Related Services0%
Executive & Special Services0%
Homeland Security Services0%
Investigative Services0%

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About the Reading Service Area

The Reading service area provides services in some of the northern areas of the Delaware Valley – outside the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. This office is staffed by extensively trained and certified officers, who exceed the minimum requirements set by the Pennsylvania State Police. This ensures the solutions we provide make for a vivid contrast to the lesser professional, lesser trained security guards that plague businesses and entities; who consistently over-promise and under-deliver. Our risk free, unheard of guarantee will ease any reservations you may have about our services.

Did you know – TSE is the only Agency in the Reading Area that operates in the same level of professionalism and holds standards commensurate with local police departments.

Allow TSE experts to handle your service needs today.