TSE Crime Watch Operation

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On June 1, 2016, TSE will implement it’s new Crime Watch Operation for our partners and clients at select locations. Following nearly a year of planning, we strongly believe this operation will significantly enhance the services TSE is already providing, by adding an additional means of communication and further improving the effectiveness of protection of persons and property. All tips reported will be received in real time by our operations center, and will be immediately forwarded to investigators or supervisors in the area for follow-up.

At select Locations, new signage will be affixed indicating the TSE Crime Watch is in progress. Signage will have the number to the Hotline – which anyone can call. Signs will be placed in high traffic, high visibility locations throughout application areas.

Persons will begin seeing the signs, and will begin remembering the message. Persons who don’t want to speak to an officer, or who want anonymity will call the number if they want to provide information that TSE otherwise wouldn’t have received.

As people become more accustomed to the idea of calling the hotline – more validated tips are received, and the results will be visible to those who reported the information. When the callers see results, they will report more information and encourage others to call.

The results will be increased overall effectiveness of programs and services performed for clients and partners. The information received will be information that officers likely wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. The result is improved safety, security, and community involvement.

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