Investigative Services


Working for you to find the facts, uncover the truth, and provide unbiased analysis.

For those corporations, entities, and firms who experience the need for a detective to conduct an investigation; TSE is a proven and trusted resource.

We work with all types of professions and industries to delivering the best and most comprehensive results you expect. We have performed many successful investigations over the years for our clients, delivering results in a very wide range of cases.

Civil Investigations0%
Criminal Investigations0%
Professional, Due Diligence, Electronic0%
Threat, Extortion, Missing and Abducted, Speciality0%


With attention to law, confidentiality, and detail; we put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Civil Matters

For those cases which are routine, and non-criminal in nature, our detectives can work quickly and efficiently to resolve matters.

Undercover Needs

Certain circumstances will dictate at times that cases be handled under the radar; requiring clandestine and incognito investigative techniques to complete cases and resolve issues.

Criminal Matters

For cases of criminal circumstances, we work quickly to resolve matters; often in cooperation with any previously involved law enforcement.

Electronics and Data

Cases and matters involving the examination and retrieval of information and or data from electronics can prove to be tricky and very difficult. Fortunately we have experts for these matters.

Professional Matters

For professional matters, property location, recovery, diligence, etc; TSE personnel present accurate data and information allowing for sound decisions.

Sensitive Matters

For those investigations that are sensitive in nature, TSE detectives and personnel are attentive to confidentiality and sensitivity of these cases. We know a single wrong move can jeopardize everything.

Solve your intelligence problems and investigation needs, contact us today.