Security & Protective Services


More than “typical security guards,” our trained and certified Officers take control of security threats and concerns – protecting lives and property.

Our trained and certified, highly visible Officers provide a true defense against today’s security threats and challenges. Our personnel provide an all-hazards approach to your exact needs, provide unrivaled visual deterrence, and are proactive with all parties they contact. TSE Agents and Officers are trained and equipped to handle any and all incidents which may occur. Don’t waste your money or be fooled into a false sense of security by others who strictly ‘observe and report’, only calling 911 and doing nothing. TSE Agents provide total and responsive service – actively responding to and mitigating any situation that occurs.

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Every situation is unique, our solutions meet your needs based on you exact situation.

In addition to our physical services, we also offer seminars for employees regarding workplace violence and security, information security, active shooter training, and more.

Protection from Violent Crime

Protection from virtually all violent crimes, our personnel are trained and equipped to handle incidents ranging from active shooter, to suspected explosive devices, and everything in between.

Entry & Crowd Management

For those locations requiring entry and crowd management, TSE personnel can: validate identities of employees and visitors; inspect persons and baggage for prohibited, dangerous and or illegal items; and follow any special directive at the clients request.

Regulation and Law Enforcement

Active enforcement of all rules, regulations, and laws on your property, with established systems to manage offenders, no-trespass orders and management, and the arrest serious offenders.

Ongoing Threat Assessment

All clients are assigned to a Local Program Manager, part of whose job it is to continually assess new and emerging threats which could affect the client, and to conduct periodic on site assessments of all physical security measures in place.

Property Asset

TSE personnel quickly become an integral asset for your location. Officer’s enhanced training allow them to render aid to the injured or ill, combat fires, evacuate people, lockdown facilities, and more.

Evolution with Clients

Your needs won’t stay the same forever – they are dynamic and ever-changing. We embrace these changes, and work with our clients to ensure we change to meet their needs, and address the evolving aspects of their operations.

Unique and Specialty Needs

TSE is proud to offer a suite of special services such as housing and community, mass transit, strike and labor disputes, mobile patrol, and more.

Theft and Shrinkage Reduction

For those who recognize a problem with theft and shrinkage from internal and or external sources, we have practices in place to identify, prosecute, deter, and eliminate theft and shrinkage.

Fear Reduction

From a consumer and employee standpoint, our polite and professional presence will instill confidence and virtually eliminate any fear or doubt; increasing productivity and profits in both the short and long term.

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