Special Services


Providing unique and specialized services, planning, and teamwork to ensure your safety and stability.


Integrating with the community, your entity; and solving complex, extreme, and unique situations.

At TSE, we understand that everyone cam face vastly different and unique needs. As such, we have instituted initiatives to help those clients who face the most complex problems.

Strikes & Labor Disputes

TSE has instituted protocol for security related concerns in strikes and labor related disputes. We can assist you with threat analysis, continuity and contingency plans, and provide certified and well equipped officers.

Hostile Workplace & Terminations

TSE has been there with corporations facing the heightened stress and fear that comes with hostility in the workplace. Termination of hostile employees, lay offs, severances, and other events drastically increase the chances of retaliation, violence, and worse.

Residential Community Solutions

For communities who are faced with serious problems, or who wish to avoid problems to begin with, TSE has instituted a dynamic program specifically for residential communities.

Mass Transit

Working cohesively with transit officials, local law enforcement, and the public; TSE Transit Officers provide security, deterrence, and immediate response to all-hazards – while maintaining a positive and influential role with those they contact.

Mobile Patrol Service

Offering a very good balance of effectiveness and value, we offer three different options of mobile services to accommodate virtually any need – while allowing clients to fiscally benefit.

Valuables: Transfer & Exposure

In our history of working with clients in the financial market, TSE has emerged a leader in the protection of cash, assets, and valuables when transferred or exposed. To date, we’ve successfully safeguarded over $10 Billion in assets.

We solve special and unique problems, contact us today.