Mass Transit Security Solutions

Mass Transit Solutions Overview

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Transit clients that run almost continuous; that operate busses, traveler trains, light rail, and connect people to local and regional destinations, encounter extremely special challenges in enforcement, safety, as well as security.

TSE offers solutions to mass transit clients by creating, augmenting, or supplementing a public safety and security program. We encompass an all-hazards approach to keeping the public, travelers, and infrastructure safe – while not impeding the routine operations of the client. Offering patrol and response via foot, bicycle, and patrol car; our officers patrol and respond to calls for assistance, investigate suspicious circumstances, and provide a highly visible presence.


Highly visible, uniformed Tri State Enforcement transit officers patrolling transit terminals and jurisdiction on foot, in vehicles, and on bicycle; keeping track of terminal and area activity, and providing a public safety,  security, customer care, and administrative capacity. Our officers can also monitor and respond to various transit communications, phone calls,  and CCTV video cameras; dispatching officers for routine and emergency response as required. Transit officers offer the service of guaranteeing there are no individuals that skirted or skipped fares, taking essential action against transgressors. All TSE personnel have established military, law enforcement, and or a specialized security background prior to assignment; and also receive substantial training, incorporating our all hazards approach to maintaining our clients, principals, travelers, and publics’ safety.

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