Mobile Security Patrol and Alarm Response

Mobile Security Patrol & Alarm Response Overview

Unique, Cost Effective Solutions for Entities of Any Size

TSE Mobile is high quality, high value security and protective solutions customized for you. TSE Mobile enables businesses and entities of all sizes to access security offerings such as patrols, property inspections, employee escorts, and alarm response services; while being conscious to fiscal responsibility.


TSE Mobile security and protective services apply leading technology with patrol services (e.g. inspections, visual deterrence,  and incident response) to design a customized solution that meets your specific needs. From wireless portable alarm and intrusion detection systems, to more routine plans, we will help design a solution that makes sense for your exact needs.

Today, security is a top concern for virtually every entity, business, and executive. Security is no longer optional – it’s a must have. In addition to the number one goal of helping to protect employees, customers and assets, adequate security can positively affect customer and employee retention, provide a competitive advantage, and improve the bottom line. But far too often businesses sacrifice security because of budget issues, or horrible past experiences with the “big name” national security companies.

Service Examples

While our solutions are customized to meet the needs of each client, we offer varying levels of service to allow for as few as two random patrols per night; all the way to virtually continuous patrol – and everything in between.

Cost Effective and Reliable, explore your mobile service options; contact us today.